5 Best Packing Tips for New and Seasoned Backpackers

5 Best Packing Tips for New and Seasoned Backpackers

One of the most frustrating things on a backpacking trip is the packing and unpacking of your bag. If you don’t pack well and with a plan, you will get very annoyed and not be able to fully enjoy your trip. Luckily, there are ways to make sure that you don’t have these problems. Follow these few packing tips and you will be on your way to having a great holiday.


  1. Pack your stuff the same way every time. This will ensure that you always know where your most used items are and it will prevent you from losing things. It is much easier when you know where everything is.
  2. Avoid packing bulky items in your pack. It would be better to pack these bulky items as a separate item and roll it up and attach it to your pack. Strap it on, roll it up, Velcro it on, but don’t pack it inside.
  3. Use a plastic bag for waterproofing. Use a plastic bag to line the inside of your pack. This will make it waterproof and it weighs almost nothing so it won’t add extra weight.
  4. Keep frequently used items nearby. When you pack your backpack, you will already have an idea of which items you will use most often. After a day or two, you will definitely know which items you use often and need to be able to reach quickly. Keep these frequently used items at the top of your pack or in a side pocket where you can easily reach them.
  5. Distribute the weight. You should follow these basic packing guidelines: sleeping bag at the bottom, heavy items should be close to your spine, medium weight items on top of the sleeping bag, and lighter items should be packed at the top and used to fill gaps.

Try and be creative and use items for more than one purpose. Also, try and pack clothes that can be worn for warm and cold temperatures by simply adding or removing a layer. The less unnecessary stuff you take, the lighter your pack will be.

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