There are many beautiful places to visit around the globe. Heading to new places is a great way to escape the routine of our everyday life, discover new cultures and learn more about other countries in the world that we may only know from books. From vibrant cities, romantic getaways, beautiful beach resorts, and luxurious wildlife safaris read here more about today’s top destinations to visit.

Tropical island escapes

For those that would like to rewind, nothing beats the luxury of an island escape. With tropical palms moving in the wind and turquoise waters rolling on pristine white sand beaches, the South East Asiatic islands are the perfect place for an exotic escape.

Luxurious beach resorts

Sometimes a journey is only about the location and the accommodation. Secluded beach bungalows that are tucked away in beautiful landscapes or luxury hideaways in the middle of the bush offer extraordinary experiences and allow you to forget everything around you.

Exclusive wildlife safaris

If you’re seeking adventure, a once in a lifetime experience or an active getaway in less explored regions of the world, then plan a unique wildlife safari. With a small airplane, you’ll land in the middle of the African savannah and sleep in a beautiful canvas tent equipped with all comforts and amenities. Step aboard of a 4×4 vehicle to look for the African “Big 5” and feel one with nature.

Vibrant cities

From Europe to Asia to the US, there are a plethora of cities with great nightlife vibes, or where you can savor a high-quality meal and spend a night in an exclusive hotel. Are you not sure which city to go to on your next holiday? We can give you some inspiration.
Bangkok’s choices for an exciting night out are abundant, bars and clubs are popping up in every corner, and even high up above the city; chic rooftop bars have become increasingly popular and are the places to go.

New York City’s dining choices are limitless, in a city where creativity is expressed in countless ways, the food scene takes the lead, with thousands of chances to taste what the world’s best chefs are up to.
Las Vegas is famed for its casino hotels located at the Strip. With theaters, clubs, restaurants, exclusive boutiques, Spas and fully serviced accommodations these resorts will pamper you and provide a memorable experience.

Romantic hideouts in Europe

For some a luxury holiday is staying in an exotic destination, however, an exclusive city getaway in Europe may be even a better choice for a unique and romantic getaway. From traditional Paris, fascinating Rome to the iconic Venice or the lesser visited towns across the continent, Europe’s finest cities are easy to get to, and packed with history, culture, romantic boutique hotels, and excellent food.