The 7 Most Charming Cities in Europe you can’t miss

The 7 Most Charming Cities in Europe You Cant Miss - The 7 Most Charming Cities in Europe you can’t miss

Europe seems to be familiar to everyone, yet it still overwhelms us with its diversity and some perplexing charisma. Europe’s cities bring about some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable, quaint churches, ancient cathedrals, and classical architecture set the tone. They awake your heart and leave warm feelings and impressions.

If you’re looking for a unique romantic getaway, be sure to add at least one of these 7 European cities to your list.

Venice canals new - The 7 Most Charming Cities in Europe you can’t miss

1. Venice

This iconic city, with a pretty long and intriguing history, is surrounded by water and submerged in so much beauty. Its walkways along winding canals, decorated bridges, magnificent churches and palaces, lively squares and markets make Venice one of Italy’s romantic destination. Marvel at the golden mosaics of the Cathedral’s Loggia dei Cavalli, take a stroll down Piazza San Marco or make waves on a gondola ride through the canals. Basically, anywhere in Venice is perfect for a romantic and exclusive escape!

SUNSET OVER PARIS - The 7 Most Charming Cities in Europe you can’t miss

2. Paris

Paris doesn’t need any introduction, for already a couple of centuries it is known as the city of love and light. A city where so many poets and artists have been inspired and called it their home. Indeed, Paris has a unique atmosphere that creates that special French charm. Legendary historical monuments, sophisticated architecture, beautiful parks, a great cultural mix of the old and the new and delicious food, few cities can come close to the romantic offer of Paris.

Colosseum of Rome NEW - The 7 Most Charming Cities in Europe you can’t miss

3. Rome

Rome is probably one of the most fascinating cities in Europe. Here ancient history mixes with the modern culture of a megapolis and monuments of old harmoniously blend with contemporary architecture. From the Spanish steps and the iconic Trevi Fountain to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum (the commercial center of ancient Rome) and the beautiful St Peter’s Basilica. Apart from its remarkably rich historical and cultural heritage, Rome has also excellent local trattorias, eccentric and exclusive shops, and a pulsing nightlife scene. You can feel its cosmopolitan atmosphere when you stroll around the trendy neighborhoods like Trastevere district with its heart-melting views over the city. A ‘Roman Getaway’ is a perfect idea for a weekend away.

Alfama district Lisbon new - The 7 Most Charming Cities in Europe you can’t miss

4. Lisbon

Stunning views, quaint promenades, beautiful architecture and tiled facades will take you back in time when visiting Lisbon. Lisbon reflects very well the Portuguese culture, which embraces a modern lifestyle while maintaining its unique heritage and traditions. In this captivating city, you’ll find cultural remains and amazing monuments that mark their place in history. Lisbon has above that many attractive districts each with its characteristics, from the trendy Bairra, the luxury Chiado, to the authentic neighborhood Alfama. Here you can stroll through steep winding streets with colored houses that are decorated with old gates and precious flowerpots. Head in the evening to one of the traditional cafes to listen to the famous Fado music and walk to the Castelo de São Jorge, located on the highest hill of the city en enjoy the stunning views over the River Tagus and the city.

Moon over Stockholm NEW - The 7 Most Charming Cities in Europe you can’t miss

5. Stockholm

Sweden’s capital Stockholm offers a compelling history and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Its old town, Gamla Stan, is a picturesque neighborhood filled with castles and medieval alleys, an extensive collection of museums and a plethora of parks. Don’t miss the chance of getting a panoramic view of Stockholm in her entirety, full of bridges, water, and bold Baltic architecture.

Bell Tower of Seville new - The 7 Most Charming Cities in Europe you can’t miss

6. Seville

Seville, situated in a beautiful landscape of countless olive trees, is one of the “Golden Triangle Cities” and part of the Spanish region Andalusia. If you want to experience the authentic Spanish culture and learn about an outstanding history, you should visit Seville. This charming city with its enchanting narrow alleys full of orange trees seems to be a little piece of heaven. There are many famous and hidden romantic showpieces in Seville, but the air you breathe here, the serenity in the streets and the brightness of each day are maybe the most beautiful things Seville has to offer.

Krakow in winter NEW - The 7 Most Charming Cities in Europe you can’t miss

7. Krakow

Romance cannot only to be found on warm sunny days; winter time sometimes is the ideal moment for a romantic getaway. Krakow (Poland) is a perfect destination to visit in winter and in the month of December this beautiful town turns into a magical city. The cozy, romantic square Rynek Glowny is covered with a layer of snow, horse-drawn carriages trot through the old town, and at dawn thousands of lights are illuminating the city, creating a fairy tale like atmosphere. The Christmas market makes the magical ambiance complete. Many wooden booths, which are lit in the evening, are selling traditional local products and handicrafts. Take a stroll down to the Wawel, a historic district located on a hill in Krakow where time seems to stand still or go for a romantic walk along the Vistula Rive in the fresh winter snow.